Tall Tale Agency

“TallTale is the story of amazing events, described as true and factual.”

Tall Tale Agency, the agency of giants, was created to provide a tailored visibility to extraordinary people, endowed with extraordinary features.

When talking about dizzying heights – over 2m20 or 7 ft 2 – we begin to deal with the exceptions: only 350 people worldwide reach that size. At 2m25 (7 ft 3.8 in), there are fewer than 100 people. At 2m30 (7 ft 5,4 in), the number drops to about 30. Beyond 2m40 (7 ft 8,7 in), we can count them on the fingers of one hand.

Although physiques do not go unnoticed, it is rare to see them in the audiovisual landscape.

Tall Tale Agency was created to fill this gap, to give the giants – men and women – the visibility they deserve.

With that in mind, we put in contact the tallest people in the world with people who want to create an event,be it a film, advertising, photos, festivals, conferences and meetings …



The agency features some prominent figures:
Sultan Kosen measures 8ft3 and is the tallest man in the world.

Brahim Takioullah is the second tallest man in the world towering at 8ft1.

Abdramane Dembele is 7ft7.3. He is the tallest man in the Ivory Coast.

Arshavir Grigoryan also 7ft7.3, is the tallest man in Armenia.

Dalibor Micic is 7ft5. He is the tallest man in Serbia.

Rob Bruintjes measure 7ft3. He is the tallest man in Holland